Premium, Handcrafted, Australian Made Horse Feed

Specifically designed by leading equine veterinarians for active, high-performance and competition horses.

We offer an Australian Made range of Premium Handcrafted Horse Feed, specifically designed for competition horses. Designed by leading equine veterinarians, and event proven. Available at selected fodder stores.

Harbison Performance also offers a range of Supplements including Premium Electrolytes, Vitamins and Hay.

Harbison Performance

Equine Health

The overall health of the intestinal system, and especially the large bowel or hind gut, is vitally important to the equine athlete. Hind gut absorption is the body’s major source of fluids, electrolytes and self produced water soluble B group vitamins and energy in the form of fatty acids.

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Endurance Diet

Endurance training and competition is probably the most demanding situation with respect to intestinal function & health. In general, the principles of endurance diets are low starch, high digestible fibre with adequate electrolyte levels. Horses absorb starch in the small intestine at the approximate rate of 1.5kg per day.

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