About Harbison Performance

Harbison Performance offer an Australian Made range of Premium Handcrafted Horse Feed, specifically designed for competition horses. Designed by leading equine veterinarians, and event proven. Available at selected fodder stores.

We also offer a range of Supplements including Premium Electrolytes, Vitamins and Hay.

As veterinarians involved with performance horses, Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds, the vast majority of problems we see compromising performance result from imbalances between feeding and training. A wide range of medical problems such as dehydration, azoturia, or tying up, travel sickness, behavioural ‘abnormalities’ and colic are often traced back to an inappropriate diet.

Harbison Performance may not be the cheapest pellets on the market but by the time you buy the extras needed when using most commercially available feeds, they become very economical. They are low starch with comparatively low protein levels (but sufficient for the horse’s daily needs) which markedly stabilizes the hind gut.